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This website serves as a voice & resource for those who wish to partake in (or learn more about) regulated

fur trapping within our wild North American forests. Regulated trapping plays an integral role in today's conservation landscape; whether in the form of a pastime like seasonal fur trapping, or biological data collection, scientific study, species monitoring, and of course wildlife nuisance/damage control work; regulated trapping is one of the many modern conservation tools to help keep our natural places healthy and sustainable.


I encourage you to shed any negative perceptions about regulated trapping and discover the role this activity plays

in our ecosystem with regard to wildlife conservation and overall natural health.

This website's main objective is to solidify and support the art of regulated trapping as an integral conservation tool for wildlife health in New Hampshire, and the greater New England area.

Trapper or non-trapper, I welcome you to my online trapline with hopes of quenching your curiosity.


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"The trials and tribulations on a Northeast trapline"

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NH's Carol Leonard:

New Hampshire Trapper

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