Self-reliant, and self-sustaining; I consider myself a solitary fixture in New Hampshire’s wild outdoors. Writer, critic and consumptive conservationist – I do my best to keep my head down and live my life to the best of my abilities, with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of "Yankee grit" thrown in for good measure. My true motivation is to share some insight along the way.


I started fur trapping in the early 2000's, and caught the trapping "bug" years before that as a youngster growing up in a small valley town in south-central New Hampshire. I remember growing up fixated when my father would tell tales of his extended wilderness camping experiences in the Allagash region of Maine. His run-ins with wildlife and attempts at snaring rabbits for dinner were, to a kid like me, comparable to the great Jeremiah Johnson-esque mountain men of old times. I stumbled upon an old foothold Jump Trap submerged in the soil of my childhood backyard, forgotten and left behind by a trapper from decades earlier. That rusty old trap still hangs in my home today, and it seeded an inquisitive quest to learn more about the solitary and simple life of the trapper. It wasn't long before I was bartering nuisance beaver control work in trade for rights to trap hundreds of acres of untouched forest for an array of furbearers. I developed an eye for detail and persistence, and it wasn't long before my part-time trapping hobby became a full-fledged lifestyle. Word of mouth spread quickly of my efficiency with trapping nuisance wildlife, not just trapping and removing, but understanding the full behavior and biology of every animal I sought. The tracking of every animal is comparable to a spiritual experience, and my skills are consistently honed every trapping season in New Hampshire’s mountains and valleys.


The trapper knows his environment and his quarry better than many biologists and scientists. The trapper is fully immersed in the natural world during fur seasons, and as such, has a deep seeded passion and regard for the wildlife and wild places they inhabit. I’ve surrounded myself with a diverse group of folks who have been gracious enough to share their passion and knowledge of fur trapping and wildlife conservation, and I am humbled by the knowledge they have shared. I’m always on a quest for information and experience in our natural environment.


Through college I juggled a part-time wildlife control business on top of securing large parcels of property for winter fur trapping. I'm now an on-call urban/wildlife conflict consultant and Wildlife Control Operator for various clients throughout the area, as well as a fur trapper during New Hampshire's winter trapping seasons. More recently, I have become involved in the NH public arena with regards to the importance of modern fur trapping both as a regulated outdoor activity, as well as an integral component in modern wildlife management, biology, and conservation. Additionally, my opinions and commentary on the bennefits of regulated trapping have been featured both in radio and print.


I truly feel that the wilderness has so much to teach us if we’re only willing to listen, and I feel truly blessed to traverse many areas of our wild places untouched by man's development and progression. I hope to continue to develop these skills as I constantly learn more from the environment around me. In the mean time, I feel it is high time that I start sharing some of what I've accumulated over the years with the rest of our beautiful state, region, and the world.


Trapper Jeff



"The Mad Trapper" of Hillsborough County...

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